Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Once again, Texas has strongest economy in America!!!

The Houston Chronicle, quoting Forbes:
As the country's economy continues to gather momentum, three Texas cities - including Houston - stand out as strong economies for Americans in 2014.

Forbes, along with the Praxis Strategy Group, looked at the United States' top 52 metropolitan areas to see how each ranked in its economic strength for the New Year. Factors included job growth, median household income growth and the current unemployment rate.

Houston found its place at No. 4, with Austin grabbing the No. 1 spot and San Antonio at No. 2. Austin has the lowest unemployment rate of the three (5.4 percent), and rose just above Houston's job growth and GDP growth. All cities show promise for families and workers in 2014.
The original Forbes piece had formatting issues that make it impossible to quote on this blog, but you can read the whole thing here.


On a related note, imagine how much more we could supercharge our economy if we were to elect a legislature committed to structural fiscal reforms next year!!!

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