Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Tale of Two Texas Senate Campaigns

[Update: An earlier version of this post said there were three Republicans running for this seat; there are actually five.]

With Abortion Barbie running for Governor, the race is on to fill her Texas Senate seat.  There are currently five Republicans and two Democrats vying for the seat.  On the Republican side, there is a fascinating contrast of campaign events this week.

Jon Schwietzer is hosting a $200 a plate brie and champagne event for the lobbyist crowd:

(h/t Michael Quinn Sullivan's Facebook page)

Konni Burton, by contrast, is holding a low-key event with Jonathan Stickland; last seen foiling the plans of child kidnapping bureaucrats:

[Author's Note: Konni Burton is a personal friend and an endorsed candidate of Cahnman's Musings.]

$200 a plate lobbyist shindig or a low key event at a friend's house; the contrast speaks for itself SD-10!

Vote Konni Burton!!!


On a related note, Konni has a fantastic piece on the Democrats bogus "War on Women" today:
It's actually just the opposite, of course. While they declare that the right has a "war on women" it's actually the Democrats' big government programs like ObamaCare that are depriving women of their freedoms and choices. With your help we will take the Democrats and Battleground Texas head on; in their mission to use women to further their big government policies.

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