Friday, December 13, 2013

Super Stinky Polling Numbers for John Cornyn

In a survey conducted by the Republican firm Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, Cornyn held a wide advantage over Stockman, leading 50 percent to 6 percent. Other candidates took 5 percent of the vote, and 39 percent of those surveyed were undecided.
Any two term incumbent barely at 50% with 39% undecided is in a terrible position; Cahnman's Musings concurs with this assessment from camp Stockman:
“Cornyn has been in office for over a decade, has spent tens of millions of dollars promoting himself and half of the party doesn’t want him back. Cornyn has nowhere to go but down,” Ferguson said.” We have three months to make our case, and then another three months in a runoff.”
Given the late date, this campaign is a tall order, but Cornyn's unpopular enough that it can be done.

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