Friday, December 27, 2013

History Lesson: On Joe Straus and Obamacare

From San Antonio Express-News, last March:
Straus touts Medicaid action 
AUSTIN — Seeking to light a fire under fellow Republicans on providing health care to uninsured people, House Speaker Joe Straus said Wednesday it's time to “get our heads out of the sand” and find an alternative to Medicaid expansion that would bring billions of federal dollars to Texas.
“We need to move beyond the word 'no' to something that the administration might entertain,” Straus said. “There are no winners if nothing is agreed to. We have a very large state, a significant population of uninsured people ... and I think it could be an opportune time to put some proposals on the table that could be supported by Texas leadership.
While other Republican governors have found expansion doable, Gov. Rick Perry hasn't followed suit. Perry has said he'd like the flexibility that a block grant would bring, but state lawmakers have acknowledged that could be difficult for the feds to bless.
Read the whole thing here.

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