Monday, December 23, 2013

Ten similarities between Julian Castro and Obama

From the Restore SA Facebook page:
  • Neither had father figures but both had radical childhood influences (Obama had William Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Castro’s mother was a member of the radical Raza Unida party and influenced by Saul Alinsky’s teaching.)
  • Neither share family values (Both bent on destroying traditional families)
  • Both rose quickly through the political ranks with little experience and fewer accomplishments
  • Both use race or ethnicity as basis for being in office
  • Both are charismatic member of minority groups loved by the media and liberal establishment 
  • Diehard socialist
  • Both ignore obvious facts and propagate "new truths"
  • Both men believe in big government
  • Both men believe they are above the law (Obama and the Constitution Castro and the municipal charter of San Antonio)
  • Both are big on “Green Energy" (Both claim that jobs and energy will be created from green energy projects while ignoring the fact that the free market does not support their ideas.)
Read the whole thing here.

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