Thursday, December 26, 2013

Planned Parenthood Retracts True Colors

Cahnman's Musings intended to write about the Planned Parenthood "12 Days of Contraception" video, unfortunately, we discovered it's no longer online:
A video posted by a Planned Parenthood affiliate on YouTube celebrating the "12 Days of Contraceptives" is no longer available for viewing online. 
The controversial 5-minute advertisement video, posted Monday by Planned Parenthood Arizona, was recently made into a private video, so it cannot be viewed by the general public. 
The video is not listed on the YouTube Account for Planned Parenthood Arizona, with the most recent upload as of Thursday evening being a video from October titled "Simple Facts about Health Insurance and Obamacare." 
Posted earlier this week, the "12 Days of Contraceptives" video was an ad for the Arizona affiliate that involved a song expressing the benefits of contraception. 
Items mentioned in the so-called "contraceptive version" of the carol that one was to be thankful for included a box of Plan B, condoms, Depo-Provera shots, NuvaRings, birth control pills, dental dams, and diaphragms.
Good to know that Planned Parenthood lacks the courage of their convictions.

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