Saturday, December 28, 2013

America's Depressing Pornographic Addiction in one chart


(h/t Zero Hedge)

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  1. Interesting graphic. Makes you kind of wonder, doesn't it? I think the reality is that sexual gratification at one point required actual social interaction. Men and women had to come together and have some sort of actual non-sexual intercourse that required empathy before gratification. It took effort and work and as our lives have become busier and more complicated, where do we find the time? She's tired. I've got a headache. The kids are up. Now, like TV dinners, you can cut out all that annoying romancing, worrying about the time, or if your partner falls asleep on the couch with the children early when you both had planned on a romantic liaison. Is porn the problem? Or is it merely an indicator of a larger threat to human interaction? All I know that if Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe becomes reality, the invention of the holodeck will end dating for ever. Men willing to actually sit down on a date with a real woman will become a prize. Don't believe me? Take a look at Japan's life sized, female sex doll industry. Yuck.


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