Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rosemary Lehmberg receives Travis County Democrat "Accountability"


Sadly, this is par for the course with the progressive Democrat mafia that runs Travis County.  The machine protects it's own, consequences to the public be damned.  Remove Rosemary Lehmberg has more:
I do not believe the County Attorney's office put forward a quality case. Why? - we can only speculate... At best, incompetent, at worst, it was a dog-and-pony show.

But I'd be surprised if Mr. Escamilla even prepared for his deposition, based on his reported performance. The County Attorney's office failed to call a host of potential witnesses who could have testified on the damage that her night of intoxication has done. Then, they let John Neal give false, powder-puff testimony without any real challenge. How do you know the attorneys in the DA's office trust her, Mr. Neal? What about the anonymous DA letter that was posted on this page and emailed to Lehmberg and the entire DA staff (and I always copied Escamilla), Mr. Neal? Even if a better presented case didn't prevail, the public could at least have felt served by the County Attorney's "efforts", and the process. That's not the case. It all feels like establishment politics.

No matter what anyone says, or what Ms. Lehmberg thinks, the integrity of the DA's office is now tainted for law enforcement, the public and even for criminal defendants who need to have respect for the system, for years to come. That can't be repaired. ***It's like a coach getting caught betting against his own team.*** The trust is irreparably broken, but the stakes with felony prosecutions are so much higher for victims, their families and the community.

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