Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Re-Evangelizing' Inner Cities and Young Men

Pastor Mark Driscoll visited Glenn Beck yesterday:


  • If we lose the men and the inner cities, Christendom is done.
  • Culture made in the inner cities, where Churches have fled.
  • Re-Evangelizing major cities and men.
    • Author's note: That's exactly what Paul did in Acts.
  • The culture is trying to get them addicted to porn to suck them dry financially.
  • You've gotta tell young men they're 100% wrong: "It's just a joke, nobody looks at these guys and says 'You don't have a dad, you're addicted to porn, you don't have a clue, you don't have a plan, you're part of the problem, stop smiling because you're the joke!"


Author's note: According to this New York Times profile, Mark Driscoll is a hardcore Calvinist.  Cahnman's Musings does not share that theological position.  That being said, anyone who get the following published in the New York Times is ok in our book:
As hip as he looks, his message brooks no compromise with Seattle’s permissive culture. New members can keep their taste in music, their retro T-shirts and their intimidating facial hair, but they had better abandon their feminism, premarital sex and any “modern” interpretations of the Bible.

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