Monday, December 9, 2013

OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: Matt Beebe for Texas House

And Joe Straus gets a primary challenge:
Today Matt Beebe filed to seek the Republican nomination for State Representative in District 121, the seat currently held by moderate Republican Joe Straus. 
Announcing his filing, Beebe stated, “Many politicians wrap themselves in conservative language come election season, but unfortunately for Texans and particularly the residents of District 121, the results don’t match the rhetoric. Entrenched politicians in Austin continue to say one thing and do another. I’m concerned about the future for all Texans when Austin’s spending priorities look more like California each and every Legislative session. As I think about my children, I’m unwilling to look them in the eyes 10 years from now and say I did nothing about it.” 
Matt Beebe ran two years and was looked at as an inexperienced candidate. After a dedicated ground game and a conservative message that resonated with HD121 voters put Beebe within striking distance, Straus was forced to spend over $1.5M of his own campaign cash as well as coordinate nearly $100k of mudslinging attacks delivered by PACs trying to curry his favor. 
“Joe Straus does not hold the conservative values of District 121. I will spend the next 90 days talking to voters across District 121 about critical issues facing Texas. It’s disappointing that our legislature can find time to bloat our budget with $22 Billion dollars of spending growth but can’t even find time to vote on a simple issue like ending in-state tuition assistance to illegal immigrants – or countless other conservative priorities. Straus only cast two votes this session, and both were to spend Billions of dollars. Clearly legislation that limits the growth of government wasn’t a priority,” Beebe concluded. 
Matt Beebe is an Air-Force veteran, small business owner and father of two beautiful children. His wife is more accomplished than he, being a scholar and researcher in Digital Forensics and IT Security. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
 Cahnman's Musings first met Matt during his 2012 campaign against Straus.  Most recently, we saw him at the Texas Capitol during the Summer 2013 abortion debate.  He's a rock solid fiscal and social conservative.  We had heard rumors that he would run again, but nothing solid.  We wish him God speed in this race!

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