Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The #TXLEGE Good Guys Winning

With the United States Senate race in the spotlight, Empower Texans tallies the score for state level candidate filings:
At the top of the heap are the A-rated House members on the Fiscal Responsibility Index; only three of 19 even drew a challenger. Of the 19 worst-rated GOP legislators, six drew opponents in addition to the four who aren’t even seeking re-election. 
The only three A-rated legislators drawing opponents are Jonathan SticklandMatt Schaefer and Stefani Carter
On the other hand, the state reps in the bottom-19 being challenged include:J.D. SheffieldKyle KacalJim KefferJohn OttoDiane Patrickand Drew Darby. 
In the first test of the 2014 elections – drawing a challenger – the legislators at the top of the TFR list have won overwhelmingly. Now, on to the races!
Read the whole thing here.


Author's Note: We're not sure when this piece originally went to press, but it's worth noting that Matt Beebe is also challenging Joe Straus.

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