Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cornyn's first attack backfires spectacularly!!!

Conservative Texans might have noticed the following new entry on Facebook:

Shady Stockman · 12 like this
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 The Shady Stockman website contains gems like the following:

"He has been jailed more than once, and was charged with a Felony after one such incident when authorities found Valium in his pants" 

Washington Post

So he was arrested and charged?!?  Was he convicted?!?  It's also good to know that Team Cornyn holds the Washington post in such high regard.

Fortunately, Facebook wasn't having any of it:
  • Kevin Myers I'm sending Stockman more money to counter this crap. Cornyn is a douchebag of first order. I guess the cowboy hat in his ads still can't covince Texans that he is "one of us".
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Sid Bednar Looks like the Cornyn delegation are getting desperate. . . . he is a RINO like McCain.
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  • Mark Phillips How about the truth about Cornyn? Bailouts, spying, warmonger, Medicare Part D(socialize medicine), etc..
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  • Gypsey Lu Seems like a smear tactic to me got to see more before I will believe. People got taken by Ryan and Boehner I was not.
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  • Jonathan Clark Hahahaha what a joke! Cornyn is getting desperate!
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  • Ray Stone get a life and find some facts Stockman is my man we need some one who will fight
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  • Shawn Williams This is what happens when the "system" aka John Cornyn gets scared..case in point..look how Dewhurst tried throwing Ted Cruz under a bus only to be run over himself! I was proud to vote for Cruz and will be proud to vote for Stockman. Take note Cornyn. ..the people bus is coming!
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  • Arthur Ford Brought to you by John Cornyn. Desperation is so unbecoming John, don't you think?
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  • Katrina Lim Cornyn is coming out with the LONG KNIVES. Wow. These types of ads just push me closer to Stockman.
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  • JL Narvaiz Funny how he's shady now when running against the establishment.
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  • Robert Vreugde Okay I went to the site and found a quote from a Houston Chronicle article, some anonymous tweets and the accusation that he was a felon because he had been charged with a felony because the cops found some valium in his pants. No attribution to any verifiable source, no date given for the Chron or WAPost quotes, no source for accusations given in the tweets. Also a mention that Steve had been in jail twice - but for what? and when?
    Then the accusation that he had not filled out a financial disclosure - okay that is some meat - could you please give more details? 
    And BTW being charged with a felony is not the same as being a felon. 
    I think Steve Stockman should stay in Congress and not get involved in this demolition derby with John Cornyn. But if this is the best the Cornyn campaign can do via a back door attack, then maybe Senator Cornyn's re-election campaign really is in trouble.
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  • Mike Urich And obummer hasn't disclosed a legal birth certificate or his college transcripts either.
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  • Mark Kjellander I smell alot of bull shit here
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  • Carroll Oliver I don't yet know anything about Stockman but my dog would be a better senator than two-faced lying RINO John Cornflake
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The quotes go on, but you get the picture.

Governor Perry says it best:

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