Monday, January 6, 2014

Matt Beebe challenges Straus to debate

This morning, we received the following press release from Team Beebe:

(SAN ANTONIO) Matt Beebe, conservative candidate for Texas House District 121, today called on Speaker Joe Straus to make good on his promises of a campaign “about the issues” by debating Beebe about their differing visions of the key challenges facing Texans in the years ahead.
In issuing his challenge, Beebe said, “Residents of District 121 have been promised a positive, issues based campaign, and I intend to do just that – I hope Joe will join me in keeping a promise he has also made. The Legislature oversees the spending of billions of tax dollars and enacts legislation impacting the freedom and livelihood of all Texans. Voters in HD121 deserve an opportunity to see the contrasting views clearly presented in a public forum, and as an incumbent seeking another term as a State Legislator, he has a duty to answer questions and defend his record.”
In order to accommodate GOP voters in District 121, Matt Beebe requested Speaker Straus and his campaign make time for two or three debates before early voting begins. Beebe also stated, “I know the Speaker is very busy traveling outside the district and fundraising across the State, so we are ready at his convenience – any place, any time.” The Beebe campaign awaits a reply from Speaker Straus and his campaign.
Matt Beebe is a United States Air Force Veteran, father, and small business owner. A constitutional conservative, Beebe is running to reduce the size, power, and spending of government in Texas, and drive practical and efficient solutions in areas that are the proper role of State government.  Matt and his wife Nicole are proud parents to Joshua and Hannah, and are longtime residents of HD121 where the family regularly attends Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.
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Readers interested in promoting a debate should contact the following San Antonio media personalities:

Joe Pags, WOAI radio host:

WOAI radio:

Peggy Fikac, San Antonio Express-News:

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