Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Enemies of the $10,000 degree in Texas Higher Education

TPPF Policy Orientation Panel: Administrative Bloat: Enemy of the $10,000 degree

Rep. Jim Murphy (HD 143); Ron Trowbridge (Lone Star College); Raymund Paredes (Texas Higher Ed. Coordinating Board)
  • Administration has mushroomed at the expense of everything else
    • Up 85% over past 20 years.
  • Tuition is up over 400% in the past 20.
  • Student loan debt is now higher than CC debt.
  • Universities are still spending more on admin than instruction by a long shot.
  • In Texas, tuition is up 99% in ten years
  • 3rd Party payment: Students are rarely directly responsible for the cost of their own education, which leaves little incentive to minimize cost.
  • Murphy: Higher education requires non-consumer generated revenue to balance the books.
    • Get ready for much greater taxpayer commitment unless we address costs.
  • Self-Preservation: Business-as-usual HATES competition.
  • Choice will save students $$$ 
  • Paredes: UT-Austin has eliminated hundreds of positions.
Bottom Line: Lots of good ideas presented, but nothing will change as long as impeaching University regents for doing their job remains the top priority for higher education policy in Texas.

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