Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mike van de Walle on the Issues

Dr. van de Walle stopped by the Trailer Park show to discuss several issues:

  • Begins with a discussion of Project Veritas' Travis County Obamacare vote fraud video.
    • People need answers
    • The scandal "is making the rounds."
    • Cargill: Someone needs to go to prison.
    • Scandal: "Just another example" of out of control govt.
  • "How are you going to pay the doctors" for Obamacare enrollees?!?
  • "There's a place" for toll roads, but we don't want them to get out of hand."
  • Endorses zero-based budgeting.
    • Author's note: We believe Dr. van was in the audience of this TPPF panel.
  • "We need effective education before we spend more money."
    • Author's note: Amen!!!
    • First person in his family to graduate high school.
    • Competition forces government schools to improve.
  • In 2010, a Texas House race in Travis county was decided by 4 votes.

Read our endorsement post here; volunteer for the campaign here; donate here.

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