Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Marxist Revolutionary who will follow Wendy

Wendy Davis' missteps this week are entertaining.  They also illustrate a deeper truth.  In the long term effort to turn Texas blue, Julian Castro (and Leticia van de Putte) is a much bigger threat than Wendy Davis.

Since mid-2013, Cahnman's Musings has pursued substantial reconnaissance against all facets of "turn Texas blue."  For obvious reasons, we will not detail these activities on this website.  Suffice to say, this week's comically inept performance (like her bogus fundraising numbers) is consistent with what we've observed privately.

Unfortunately, a much more effective demagogue will follow Wendy; as the Washington Post explains:
[B]oth Julian and Joaquin Castro as well as a slew of other ambitious, young Texas Democrats are eyeing Senate race in 2018 and 2020 as well as the governor's race in 2018. [sic]
Wendy Davis is similar to former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.  Julian Castro, by contrast, is another Obama.  Putting it mildly, the latter has done more damage.

Election 2014 is an important measuring stick. In addition to electing Greg Abbott, grassroots conservatives need to run up the scoreboard in down ticket and legislative races.  But the real fight for Texas won't begin until 2015.

A major component of that real fight is Julian Castro's next mayoral election, in May 2015.  The good news is that in Castro's last election, only 7.6% of voters showed up.  If grassroots conservatives can produce 20% turnout, Julian Castro and Battleground Texas are in big trouble.

Wendy's recent missteps are entertaining.  We should exploit them to run up the scoreboard in election 2014.  But be not deceived, the real battle begins in 2015....

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