Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Senator Donna Campbell outwits pro-abortion crazies

Red Sonja's reports from San Antonio on a recent forum about last summer's abortion drama:
WOAI hosted a Town Hall meeting in San Antonio Texas, December 11, 2013 with a twitter hash tag #YourVoiceYourFuture.  The topic was the controversial House Bill 2 that passed and was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry in July, 2013.   Randy Beamer from WOAI was the emcee for the Town Hall meeting.  The four panelists ready to debate HB2 consisted of Senator Donna Campbell SD25 and Amy Voorhees founder of the San Antonio Coalition for Life who defended life.   Terri Burke, Executive Director of the Texas ACLU and Dr Rogelio Saenz, Dean of UTSA’s College of Public Policy debated against HB2.

The audience was filled with more pro aborts than pro life advocates.  The loud outbursts from the pro aborts made it difficult at times to have a civil discussion.  The questioning was torturous and most of the questions were directed at Senator Campbell.


I have to say that Senator Campbell stood her ground and answered difficult questions with reason and knowledge.  I was shocked that Dr Rogelio Saenz a professor of higher learning had absolutely no clue what Right of Conscience meant.  Senator Campbell was asked to define Right of Conscience.  She explained that no doctor or health care provider should be asked to do anything that is against what they believe whether it is abortion or the use of contraceptives.


Boone, on the other hand, came prepared to do battle with Senator Campbell.  His question to her centered on her Christian beliefs and not HB2 requirements.  His question was, “What is the rationale to justify your bill to close women’s clinics across the state that appears to have religious beliefs as a sole purpose and doesn’t this indeed violate the concept of church and state?” Senator Campbell answered calmly and firmly. She replied that the safety of the woman was the most important factor.  She went on to say that we must have 21st century modern medicine to protect life.  She referenced the hash tag of the Town Hall, “Your Voice Your Future and yet the unborn have no voice no future.”  I thought that was a zinger of an answer. 

As far as I am concerned Boone attended the Town Hall with intent to harm our SD25 Senator and came out the loser.  He will not win as he has run and run and run in SD25 and has lost every time but he keeps on trying as liberals do just to muddy the water.  He happens to be the husband of Robbie Boone Democrat Chairman for Comal County. 

Focusing only on some of the more absurd statements from the audience was a male doctor attacking Senator Campbell for her use of ‘baby’ instead of fetus.  He claimed that a Fetus was not a baby to which Amy Voorhees replied, “Fetus, in Latin, means little one, so baby and fetus is one and the same, ‘baby’.”   Educator Dr Saenz chimed in by saying that, “a fetus is a scientific term and baby is a political term.”    Stranger still was an outburst from a woman claiming that abortion was not a surgical procedure.  Imagine that.  Killing an unborn is not surgical.  Ignorance was prevalent among the pro aborts.
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