Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stockman Leads; Cornyn sits passively

From last night's State of the Union:
"Tonight I left early after hearing how the President is further abusing his Constitutional powers," Stockman told the Dallas Morning News in a statement. "I could not bear to watch as he continued to cross the clearly-defined boundaries of the Constitutional separation of powers." Needless to say, I am deeply disappointed in the tone and content of tonight’s address."

Stockman has made no secret of his problems with the president, but he does seem to enjoy the media spectacle of the State of the Union. Last year, he invited rocker and Obama critic Ted Nugent to the speech; this year, he invited Chad Henderson, a student who embarrassed the media by telling reporters he had enrolled in Obamacare when he, in fact, had not.


"After five years in office Obama refuses to admit his policies have failed," he said. "He instead demands we double down on the bitter class warfare that has left Americans jobless and hopeless. Obama’s plan for higher taxes and more spending is a blueprint for perpetual poverty. The last thing America needs is more of the Democrats’ class warfare that has left our economy a barren landscape."
John Cornyn, by contrast, gave us toothless lip service....


Read our endorsement post here; donate to Stockman's campaign here.

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