Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Casino Interests Supporting Our Opponents

Agendawise details the campaign contributions of the leading casino gambling lobbyist in Texas:
In 2013, high powered Obama ally John Montford was engaged to lobby for the expansion of gambling in Texas. His effort was DOA but as Hoppe’s article suggests the left will continue to work for the false economic promise of more gambling in Texas. Expanded gambling in Texas would enrich a few families and flood an aggressive lobby with cash.
What we find striking, however, is that Montford (or his wife) donated to several primary opponents of Cahnman's Musings endorsed candidates.

In the statewide race for Attorney General, we support Ken Paxton; Montford supports Ken's opponent Barry Smitherman:
Barry Smitherman John Montford $7500 R
In the race for House District 121, we support Matt Beebe; Montford supports Texas House Speaker Joe Straus:
Joe Straus Debbie Montford $1000 R
In the race for Senate District 25, we support Donna Campbell; Montford supports her opponent:
Michael Novak Debbie Montford $6273.37 R
Casino gambling wasn't a factor in our endorsement decisions, but it's good to know that their top lobbyist seems to hate Cahnman's Musings endorsed candidates in particular!

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