Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Austin ISD blackmails recalcitrant citizens into submission

Unfortunate news from the Travis County Taxpayers Union:
PRESS ADVISORY: Travis County Taxpayer Union (TCTU) plaintiffs drop AISD Bond Ballot language lawsuit appeal rather than face potential $50,000 fine.

Austin, TX --

A few weeks ago, TCTU plaintiffs were confronted with the possibility of personal losses of $50,000 due to a legal tactic from Austin ISD. Because TCTU plaintiffs were unable to shoulder the financial risk, they elected to drop the suit.

Says Don Zimmerman, TCTU founder and treasurer, "We are dismayed at the legal tactics of intimidation used by Austin ISD, but we do not blame our plaintiffs for dropping the suit in the face of financial threats."

Says Stephen Casey, TCTU attorney, "The District's ploy of asking the court of appeals to affirm the lower court judgment, leveraged against our client's finances, was not accepted -- the court dismissed the appeal rather than affirm the trial court."

TCTU notes that Austin ISD is now effectively admitting that "projection of enrollment growth", made just last year in support of AISD's unaffordable Bonds, was false political advertising. The truth is AISD student enrollment is shrinking, not growing as the District falsely claimed last year. The illegal Bond ballot language was just another part of AISD's campaign of taxpayer subsidized propaganda to misinform voters.

As a volunteer organization, TCTU does not get and does not seek taxpayer money to promote it's political agenda through false advertising or legal transgressions.

TCTU will continue to counter District misinformation and gain compliance with ballot law as resources permit.
An unfortunate development, but we still be two of the bonds at the polls; with new swindles on the horizon, readers can expect to plenty from the Travis County Taxpayers Union in 2014.

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