Friday, January 3, 2014

History Lesson: John Cornyn, Wall St., and the New York Jets

Last September, the Republican establishment types on Wall St. held a cattle call at the home of the New York Jets' owner, which had a very interesting guest list:
Among those at the event were New York state GOP chairman Ed Cox, former Goldman Sachs honchos Ed Forst and John Whitehead, Pat Durkin of Barclays Bank, former Bush Treasury official Emil Henry, NASCAR CEO Brian France, Bain Capital co-founder Ed Conard and Texas Sen. John Cornyn. [Emphasis added]
In other words, John Cornyn was dining with Wall St. establishment types as recently as four months ago.

Financial markets are nearing the peak of the latest bubble.  When this bubble collapses, it will produce a market crisis that will make 2008 look subdued in comparison.  Can we trust someone to refuse further bailouts when he voted for the first bailout and dined with crony corporatist parasites Wall St. bankers four months ago?!?

The NY Post article quoted above also contains this gem:
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas opted to stay in Washington. “Defunding ObamaCare is his priority,” his spokeswoman explained.
The contrast speaks for itself Senator Cornyn.

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