Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Has John Carona gotten lost?!?

HILARIOUS find from Empower Texans:
Carona certainly got a spike in Facebook activity and new likes during the Christmas season, but he still seems to be struggling with where exactly his Senate District is. Carona’s Christmas campaign brought in most of his new likes from Houston.


Come to think of it…we haven’t seen that much forethought from Carona or his team. Carona—like the other candidates pulling these advertising schemes—is simply a career politician whose team is “astroturfing” his social media in order to make it appear he is more in-touch with the grassroots. 
What this reallshows is the incumbent senator will spend this primary season trying to buy his way back into his seat—which he obviously finds very comfortable. It must be all the cushioning he gets from the lobby and corporate interests.

Houston isn't Dallas; Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Also note the demographic which is liking Corona. His voters skew much older than average even for the GOP, and this may be the first election representing the power of younger voters in the GOP.


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