Thursday, January 2, 2014

Steve Stockman promotes BITCOIN to Wall St

From the department of things that a supporter of Wall St. Bailouts (aka. John Cornyn) would never do:
Stockman made an appearance Tuesday night at a party thrown by a new organization called the NYC Bitcoin Center, according to the bitcoin news website newsBTC. (On Thursday, Stockman's campaign tweeted a link to a version of the story on A photograph from the party posted to Reddit, and shown above, features Stockman holding a QR code connected to a donation address, according to newsBTC. 
A short video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday shows Stockman and Nick Spanos, the founder of the NYC Bitcoin Center, walking around Wall Street in New York City. 
"I really think digital currency is more about freedom," Stockman says in the video, which according to the description will be part of a new documentary on digital currency. "Freedom to choose what you do with your money, and freedom to keep your money. Without people influencing it through printing money or regulation."


  • "Digital currency is all about freedom."
  • If you hold your own wealth, large institutions can't control you.
  • The Fed is printing so much money that dollars are going to become worthless.


We're skeptical that BITCOIN, per se, is the answer, but BITCOIN is a critical first step towards greater currency competition.  It's refreshing to see a United States Senate candidate actively pushing back against the Federal Reserve cartel.  That's why we've endorsed Steve Stockman for United States Senate.

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