Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Matt Beebe's receives key endorsement

Go Matt Go:
I'm excited to announce our most recent endorsement from Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum and former Texas GOP Chair.

Cathie was gracious in her endorsement of my candidacy saying, "Matt Beebe is a smart and principled conservative leader and a highly successful businessman. Constituents in House District 121 would be fortunate to have his tremendous character and integrity serving them in Austin."

She went on to say,"Matt knows that government cannot create jobs and that it should not choose winners and losers in the marketplace. He will work to limit the size of government and fight against illegal immigration. Matt not only talks about being pro-life, over the years he has committed his talents and treasures to defend innocent lives. He is the only pro-life candidate in this race. I ask my friends to vote for Matt Beebe for State Representative."
Read the whole thing here.


Readers can see our endorsement of Matt here; donate to his campaign here.

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