Monday, January 20, 2014

The One Texas Democrat who frightens us

Let's rewind to the night of Wendy's filibuster and recall this moment:

Good demagoguery, especially since a female Texas Senator had been speaking for ten hours.

But that's the point.  In 2014, Texas Democrats are going to play victim.  That's why they're running the two women ticket in the first place.

Following yesterday's revelations, Wendy has a ceiling on how far the victim schtick will take her (especially considering that her opponent is in a wheelchair). That's not true in the Lt. Governor's race.  The sky's the limit for whiny gender and race based psuedo-anguish from Leticia running against any white male.  In person, she's much friendlier than Wendy.  And she gets along well with the Lobby.

Which brings us to the uninspiring Republican Lt. Gov field.  During the general election, Leticia and her media allies are going to bait the Republican nominee into saying something stupid. Before any policy consideration, Republican voters need to pick someone who won't take that bait.  Unfortunately, the Republican field doesn't inspire confidence.  One particular candidate is likely to become Todd Akin 2.0.

If Leticia were to pull off the upset, she'd become an instant hero to Democrats. She'd legitimize Battleground.  And that's before she derails our agenda in the Texas Senate.

Choose your Lt. Governor candidate wisely, Texas Republicans....

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