Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reclaiming the Tenth Amendment

TPPF Policy Orientation panel:

Reclaiming the Tenth Amendment

Mario Loyola (TPPF); Rep. Matt Krause (R - Tarrant County); Rep. Steve Toth (R - Ft. Bend County); Adam Berry (Indiana Gov Mike Pence's office)

Matt Krause:
  • We've already become slaves to blood money from Washington D.C., we're just negotiating price.
  • If the federal govt wants to do something unconstitutional in Texas, make them execute and enforce it.
  • We've got to stop taking money from the federal government if we want independence.
Steve Toth:
  • The reason he won is that Texans want government by the people, not the special interests.
  • "It pains me" that measures that would push back against the Feds can't get a vote in the Texas House
  • 15 years ago, Medicaid was 2.5% of the state budget; today its 25%.
    • The more $ we spend on Medicaid, the more the Feds send to Texas
Adam Berry:
  •  Special interest groups are a lot louder than the general public.
Mario Loyola:
  • The progressive and New Deal movement didn't ruin the Constitution for the heck of it; they did it to form cartels that serve as centers of power.
    • Textbook Alinsky
    • By getting a government official on board, all of a sudden you're safe from anti-trust prosecution.
    • You can't have state based cartels in a system of competing states
  • Federal government is supposed to have exclusive domain under the enumerated powers, states have everything else.
  • The federal government would rather implement their policies through the states than on their own.
  • Give the states $$ to bloat their budgets, then they have to do what you say.
    • ie. Blackmail
  • You HAVE to separate state and federal functions
    • Anytime you don't do that, you make the states deputies of the feds.
  • 'Coercive federalism' allows states to spend 40% more than they take in.
  • Progressives are brilliant at hiding the cost side of their schemes.
Bottom Line: Creating economic dynamism in the states that don't buy into federal overreach will create the counter constituency to overwhelm the progressive constituency.

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