Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Julian Castro's Censorship Ordinance draws first complaint; is it a hoax?!?

Local media reports on the first complaint filed under San Antonio's 'non-discrimination' ordinance:

A transgender man claims he feared for his life and left his job after coworkers threatened him.
Now he hopes the city's ordinance to protect the LGBT community that was approved four months ago forces his former employer do what he considers the right thing.

Matthew Hileman was born a woman but is now a transgender man.
"His birth certificate, driver's license, everything about him is male now," said Justin Nichols, Hileman's lawyer.

Hileman left his job as a consultant of AT&T in September. He says he had no other choice because two coworkers threatened him by posting a note on his chair after they discovered his secret gender identity.

For the record: We're not buying it.

Several years ago, we worked with AT&T.  We've seen their hyper-cautious, over-lawyered, corporate culture up close.  It is impossible to overstate the degree to which AT&T has it's head shoved up its rear end with political correctness.  This would never happen at AT&T.  Any AT&T employee who even thinks about doing something like this would be instantly banished to sensitivity training purgatory.

From the Florida teenagers to the waitress in New Jersey, time frequently exposes these stories as bogus; Cahnman's Musings suspects the San Antonio case will undergo a similar fate in the coming months.




    San Antonio TX officials protect a transgender man from threats but REFUSE to extend the same protection to Christian citizens. While the City uses the “non-discrimination” ordinance -NDO- to protect gay/lesbian/transgender citizens they discard police reports and ignore public pleas for assistance concerning terroristic threats made against Christian citizens putting their lives at risk. The threats are well documented and one recent threat was received on 1/4/2014 when a caller from 512- 831- 9073 threatened –“watch your back you f---ing piece of s—t”.

  2. John E. Foddrill, Sr.
    9650 Limestone Pond San Antonio, TX 78254


    District Attorney Susan Reed
    Cadena-Reeves Justice Center
    300 Dolorosa 5th Floor
    San Antonio, TX 78205-3030

    District Attorney Reed;

    On October 12, 2011, my wife and I were awakened to receive a threatening phone call at 3:01 AM. This call stated that I have been warned to leave a sitting Councilman Diego Bernal alone. I have also had threats made over the internet. SAPD Officer Soto – Badge # 9739 created Case# SAPD 11261976 concerning the phone and internet threats.

    Because of several incidences in the past I am certain that the San Antonio Police Department and especially Chief William McManus have no interest to investigate the case. One of these incidences involved several armed SAPD officers dispatched to my home at 10:00 p.m .on July 4, 2011 for a Psychiatric Evaluation. There has never been any reports of any type involving law violations, disturbance’s or threats by myself and/or family! When asked who or what had prompted this investigation, no reason or names were given. The police report filed on this incident clearly shows there were no grounds for this investigation.

    Police Chief McManus and City Attorney Michael Bernard have also issued a criminal trespass warning prohibiting me from entering City Hall, City Council Meetings, City Offices, etc. This is a clear violation of the Texas Open Meeting Act. When asked repeatedly why this warning is in place, no written or verbal explanation has ever been given! Threat of arrest is implied if I violate this warning!

    I am publicly asking that your office request an investigation by the Texas Rangers on these matters. As required by Texas Law, a request of investigation must come from a law enforcement agency. Because of their actions and/or inactions, this obligation now falls on your office.


    John E. Foddrill Sr.

    Hand delivered AND certified mail- return receipt requested – 7011 0470 0002 1633 6122


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