Saturday, January 18, 2014

Julian Castro Latest Ethics Questions reveals new details about the municipal governance cesspool that is San Antonio:
Mayor Julian Castro, Council members Cris Medina and Diego Bernal had the most alleged violations at over 200 each.

The Sworn Complaints allege 41 instances of accepting donations from corporations. Corporate donations are, if done knowingly, a 3rd degree felony offense. All nine complaints alleged these offenses. Well known names include MacDonalds, Inc., Holiday Inns, Inc. and Texas Associaton of Realtors.

The Texas Ethics Advisory Board (TEAB) reports that more than fifteen more Sworn Complaints will be initiated on the corporations who contributed to the council members campaigns. Pending the results of the TEC investigations, the TEAB will refer any felonies to Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Another frequent complaint was the diversion of campaign funds to personal use. If confirmed, this would make Mayor Castro and Council members Cris Medina and Diego Bernal and others civilly liable to the State of Texas including court costs. [Emphasis Added]

Other frequent alleged violations of State law included failure to report out of state travel, filing late reports and having serious contribution balance discrepancies – unaccounted for money.
Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Corrupt Bexar County - San Antonio TX officials will top the list when P-G gets done exposing their ongoing criminal conspiracy, retaliation to silence whistleblowers and Constitutional violations………….

    Award-winning Journalist P-G Matuszak placed “The Foddrill Files - Corruption in San Antonio ” on his list of top 2013 stories. …… In 2014 “ The Foddrill Files” will grow as public/police corruption will continue to be exposed inside San Antonio TX City Hall, Bexar County government and local law enforcement agencies.

    And then there is the unfolding federal courthouse scandal ............more to come


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