Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Battleground Texas misses 2013 fundraising 70%

Last year, when they first appeared, Battleground Texas boasted about a $10 million annual budget.

In the first half of 2013, they raised $1.2 million.

In the second half, they raised $1.8 million.

That's 30% of their stated goal.



Willisms has a fantastic rundown of Team Wendy's overall fundraising compared to Team Abbott:
Integrity. Veracity.

Important qualities for a lengthy campaign.

Wendy Davis' amateur hour campaign has already frittered away a great deal of credibility with her not-ready-for-primetime appearances and strange and hypocritical attacks. These campaign finance shenanigans may do irreparable damage to the remaining strands of her credibility, although I wouldn't count on the fawning news coverage ending anytime soon, given the partisan proclivities of the press.

That said, there are only so many questionable incidents that even those rooting for her will be willing to tolerate before those all-important trust-related qualities, integrity and veracity, are appended with the word "lacks," beforehand.

When the actual reports hit the Texas Ethics Commission website, it will be interesting to see just how little cash on hand Wendy Davis has relative to Greg Abbott. It will also be interesting to cast a critical eye on the actual numbers and see what percentage of funds came from out-of-state individuals and entities.

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