Friday, January 31, 2014

Battleground Texas' Silly HD-50 Spin

We had intended to write a similar piece, but Daniel Greer at Agendawise beat us to the punch:
Desperate for momentum as Wendy Davis continues to crash and burn, Battleground Texas (BGTX) are pantomiming as if Celia Israel’s 59% win is impressive in the liberal safe haven of Austin. Mark Strama, who retired the seat Israel won on Tuesday, got 63% of the vote in 2008.

Obama’s pack mules, the Texas Tribune, prepped BGTX for the silly post-election narrative by stating the GOP had hopes of winning the seat. Mike Hailey of Capitol Inside was more honest about the election calling it an expected win. In 2010 the seat was redistricted to become more Democratic.

In true Obama style, BGTX has bluffed outrageously since it got to Texas, upping the ante in hopes of looking like heroes if they win. As it turns out, Davis is likely to be a measurable show of just how far the president and his minions have fallen, and of just how Texan Texas is.
Battleground's over-the-top spin notwithstanding, a district drawn to elect a Democrat by a double digit margin electing a Democrat by a double digit margin isn't particularly newsworthy. 

On a related note, the 63% in 2008 that Daniel cites came under the old district lines, which were much more favorable to Republicans than the current ones.

The HD-50 results illustrate a status quo that remains in place (at least for now).

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