Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travis County Election Workers fail to enforce Photo ID

[Author's Note: Travis County Tax Assessor Bruce Elfant, pictured to the viewer's left of Obama, is the official responsible for counting the votes.]

David Walls from Texas Values reports on Facebook:
Apparently following the law is optional for some polling workers in Travis county...I went to vote today in the HD 50 race (precinct 263) and was NOT asked for a photo id. I politely told the polling worker that I believe we are supposed to show an ID just as we had in the November election. I was somewhat sternly corrected that ID was not required and was also told people have to purchase a special voter ID card. When I told her that was not accurate and that people could use their drivers licenses she somewhat mockingly told me "Well, you can show me your drivers license if you would like." I proceeded to just vote and leave and then called and reported the incident to the Travis County elections office. They assured me this would be corrected and that they train all poll workers to ask for IDs.
Could get ugly; stay tuned.

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  1. My district, I believe 119 (Caldwell Middle School) did ask.


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